Custom Wedding Invitation Design Tips and Ideas


Want something really unique and special that will set you apart from the other people getting married around the same time. It is time to think about your  wedding   invitations .  Wedding   invitations  are a very important part of any  wedding . A  wedding   invitation  is often the first impression that your guests will have of your  wedding  and they therefore set the tone and theme for the whole wedding. It is important therefore to make sure your  wedding   invitations  style, look and feel match your  wedding  theme. If you truly want to have a unique wedding and unique initiations then you have only two options really. You can use a professional designer to do a customer  wedding   invitation   design  for you or you can come up with your own  wedding   invitation   design . A third option that might work for you would be to have a friend who has an artistic background to  design  the  invitations  for you.

Below are four easy steps to either doing your own  wedding   invitation   design  or paying someone to do it for you. Either way you will want to make sure you follow through these four steps to ensure you

Step 1: Plan The  Invitation 

The first and most important step is to get some sort of plan for the customer  designed   wedding   invitation . While you might not be the artist doing the final work you can do some rough sketches and start getting some ideas of what you would like the design to look like. It is important to think about the tone and theme of the  wedding  and how this will be communicated through your  wedding   invitation .

Step 2: Don’t Overcrowd

One of the most important  design  tips to making a  wedding   invitation  is to not overcrowd things. The more negative or open space you leave in the  design  the better the more elegant the overall look and feel of the  invitation  will be. If you can start planning out the rough ideas you want. Are you looking for initials to be on the card or a dove? What themes do you want and where will you place them on the  invitation . You can either finalize these early sketches yourself or have a professional designer do the work for you.

Step 3: Check The Facts

One of the steps that can easily be missed when  designing  your own  wedding   invitations  can be to leave out some of the important details. For example the location of the church, reception an RSVP phone number and etc. You might want to write down all of the details you need before looking at the  design  of the  invitation . That way you can check off the details one at a time when you do look at the  invitation .

Step 4: Check The Details

Next you want to check all of the small details of the  invitation . For example carefully check and double check the spelling of everyone names. Make sure thre are no spelling or grammar errors. You want to work all of these fine details out before sending the cad to a printer.

If you are planning to have a custom  wedding   invitation   design  done for your  wedding  start by planning ahead. Follow the steps outlined above and most importantly have fun. Take your time with the product and be creative. Let your ideas flow freely and the design will be outstanding.


Making Your Own Wedding Invitations


Once you’ve set a date for your  wedding  ceremony, one of the next things you’ll need to do is start sending out  invitations  as soon as you can. In fact, experts suggest that you send  invitations  at least six months in advance so that everyone will have time to request time off work and make travel arrangements.

Now that you’re looking for the right  design  or templates to use for your  wedding   invitations , it may be a challenge to find original  invitation   designs . Or, after you’ve searched for months to find the right  invitations , you may see  designs  that look so standard, you may be able to do them yourself. So, why not try it out? You can make your own  invitations  in a style that’s all your own, and you could save money in the process.

Of course, making your  invitations  can be easier and a little less stressful if the  wedding  guest list is relatively small, but if you’re experienced in page layout and in making arts and crafts, you can make multiple  invitations  in no time. Determining how large you want the  invitations  to be, the type of font you want, and if you want to include any special  design  features on your  invitations , such as lining the outside with lace or using calligraphy should also be considered. You may want to include photographs in your  wedding   invitation , such as pictures of the hands of you and your fiancé with your rings on, family pictures, or photographs of you and your fiancé as children.

Consider things that both you and your fiancé are interested in, or hobbies or activities that help to define you as a couple. For instance, if you’re both actors and perform in the theater often, you could fashion your  wedding   invitation  like a playbill. Or if you love the beach or work near the water, a  wedding   invitation  in the shape of a seashell or starfish is ideal. Keep in mind that you can also use your tech savvy to create online  wedding   invitations , complete with pictures of you and your spouse to be, along with some  wedding-themed  music that may also be used at the ceremony. You can make your  invitations  interactive and display a couple of pictures of the two of you while the music plays, or simply have a backdrop that contains all the information about your ceremony, such as the time, date, and address.

You can also add extra features to your  wedding   invitations  that may be too expensive if you were to order them. For instance, you could include special thank-you notes to your parents, friends, and other family members, and make them a little longer or more personal. And, you can tell the story of how you and your fiancé met on the back page of the  invitation . This will add a nice touch to your  invitation , people will be less likely to throw it away, and you won’t have to worry about people asking you to tell the story during the reception–you’ll be too busy celebrating. You can also include these things in the actual wedding program, so that people can read it while they are waiting for the ceremony to begin. Enjoy!


Elegant Wedding Invitations


There are so many ways you can transform an object into something of elegance. You’ll need taste and class to pull a work of art like that off and you may find it in an elegant wedding invite. When it comes to your elegant wedding invitations, you may consider various factors, from the overlying layout to the intricate designs and of course the way you design the invitation wording and how it is presented by means of the flow that you have envisioned from layout to design to wording.

So what would you consider an elegant wedding invitation? One with simplistic and minimalistic designs or one with soothing colours that are not flashy and loud, or something that makes no effort to be more than it is, but in fact it is. There are so many ways to reason or explain this phenomenon, but it all comes down to the flow of the designs, colour and layout. So let’s look into these;

Elegant Invite Designs

Designs are easy to come by but sometimes hard to master and can be anything from curves to straight lines. The easiest of designs would involve lines and of course borders themed after them. These line designs can be put to use in any style, horizontally, vertical, diagonally or whatever way you like and then you are on your way to elegant wedding invitations with a line design.

However, if smoothly flowing curved lines are what you fancy, then there are many intricate designs from inspirations from nature and the world that you can put to use. A few include the likes filigree which possess intricate and quite elegant strokes of lines, swirls, floral designs which can vary from one to another.

Then there’s the more intricate working which also include more design elements. This includes the likes of toile. However, the art in doing this is to keep the colours down to a minimum and not make it look like a circus. When done right, the use of toile can present you with very elegant wedding invitations.

Elegant Invite Colours

When it comes to colour, it’s all about how they go with one another. So you can either go with the same hues in varied tones, or you could go with colours that are contrasting yet not give off a stark offset with one another. It’s all about blending these elements together to arrive at wonderfully elegant wedding invitations.

Elegant Invite Layout

The layout for your elegant wedding invitations is dependent on your preference; however, if there is layout that blends the other elements well, then you’ve got yourself an elegant wedding invitation that could suit your liking.


Wedding Invitation – A Dilemma


There is no doubt that you want to make every item of your wedding prefect. You would like to have the perfect wedding dress, perfect venue and so on. However, one interesting phenomenon I observe is that the perfect standard will become lower when it comes to the  wedding   invitations .

It is true that the price of  wedding   invitation  is just a fraction of other  wedding  items such as your wedding gown and wedding photography. As a result couples may put less emphasis on their  wedding   invitations . This is especially true when couples feel the  wedding   invitations  are too expensive. They would rather go for cheaper options even if quality is sacrificed. However, virtually no couple will sacrifice the quality of other wedding items. In Hong Kong, a couple will spend about USD40 for one single wedding photo and they may “buy” fifty of these photos even if it is out of their budget. Such case seldom happens in the field of  wedding   invitation   design .

Besides, some couples maintain that their guests will throw the  wedding   invitation  cards into the rubbish bins anyway, it will be totally a waste to spend so much money on  wedding   invitations . In this case I believe using email as  wedding   invitation  will be the best solution. However, couples, even if they think their guests will throw the  invitation  cards away sooner or later, are usually reluctant to adopt this idea of email  wedding   invitations .

In fact, I believe that these couples are facing a dilemma. On one hand they think that a physical  wedding   invitation  card is virtually useless but on the other hand they may think that an email  invitation  is somehow impolite. We have to admit that wedding is something strongly connected with etiquette.

Apart from the above, couples may sometimes think that it is not worth spending so much money on the  wedding   invitations  since they can also do the “ designs ” on their PCs. As a  wedding   invitation  designer, what I observe is that more couples are bringing their computer files to me and asking for quotations in these two years.

It is really good that the couples are trying to involve in the design process. However, one misunderstanding shared by many of these couples is that they think a  wedding   invitation  is just about creating a computer file and have it printed.

Actually, I hold quite a different point of view towards this notion of  wedding   invitation   design . A  wedding   invitation  can be more than a printed material. Although I am a  wedding   invitation  designer myself, I am also an advocate of DIY  invitations .

Here DIY refers to the notion of handmade  invitations . You may write the contents of the  invitation  one by one. You may also need to collect different raw materials and put them together to make your  invitation . You may even need to learn the Japanese Origami in order to make your own envelope.

If you are ready to spend time to make your own  wedding   invitation , I will suggest you save a buck and start to  design  and make your own  invitation . You should never sacrifice the quality of any of your wedding items.


How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Invitation Templates


Sometimes the hardest part of the process of getting married isn’t planning the reception or the wedding. Sometimes it just so happens to be the process of picking out or designing wedding invitation templates. This is because there are so many options out there for people to choose from. It can be really tough to pick one out and to have one that is truly the best one and the right one. However, this article will try to help those who are having troubles with this issue by discussing what to really look for when trying to put together or pick out a greatly designed wedding invitation.

It’s important to first realize the correlation that needs to exist between the wedding invitation templates and the envelope that the invitations will be sent out in. It’s important to have them mesh well together, so they should be sort of picked out or designed at the same time. It’s mainly all about making sure that the colors and any key designs are the same in the invitations as well as over the envelope. Other than that, it should be a pretty easy process to matching them up.

The font being used is a really big part of all wedding invitation templates. This can be one of the hardest decisions, too, because there are many different fonts out there. It’s most important to make sure that the font is one that can be easily read because if a font can’t be read, it’s pretty much worthless. So, try to pick out a font that is stylish and is unique but is also easy to read. If it’s not, maybe increasing the size of the font can change that, so keep that in mind.

The last part to picking out or designing wedding invitation templates is figuring out what designs will be included in the invitations. For example, some templates have ribbons, vertical and horizontal bars with designs in them, or just general pictures of a variety of things, such as flowers. This is where it is really up to the bride and the groom to figure out what they want. However, any design should work well with the colors being used in the template and should also mesh well with the font style being used. In the end, it’s just important to keep every little detail in mind before making any decision to make sure it all meshes well in the end.


Wedding Invitation – How to Choose-Design One?


A beautifully scripted  wedding   invitation  happens to turn on your invitees and they may feel compelled to attend your  wedding . However a bad  invitation  may affect their decision on making a presence at your  wedding . So you need to be equally attentive on  invitation  like other aspects of your  wedding . Most often a  wedding   invitation  is considered as a reflection of a couple’s life style and the kind of marriage they are planning for themselves. All in all, a  wedding   invitation  could set or break the mood of your guests for your  wedding .

A personalized and unique  invitation  is what all couples long for. In your quest to come up with a unique marriage  invitation , you need to look at what you would love to communicate to your family and friends with your best possible expressions while inviting them on your  wedding . And of course  invitation  must have a tinge of the theme that you have set for your  wedding .

Uniqueness comes with originality, so be pure in your expression while inviting your guests. An  invitation  carrying emotional flavor would be appreciated a lot. This is probably the best way to make your  wedding   invitation  stand out from other  invitations .

You must accord warmth to your invitees through your  invitation  card and let each of the invitee feel very special by your printed expressions. Your mood and personality must be reflected in the  invitation  card in the best possible manner.

As we say a picture better expresses an idea than thousand words, a photograph of a couple can be made a part of your  invitation . Nothing could give the message as better as photograph of couple. And it hardly needs words to compliment with. However you must pick out the photograph that is not likely to embarrass your guests with distastefully intimate posture.

 Wedding   invitation  must carry the essence of your marriage as it is rightly termed as the prologue to the impending drama that is likely to be full of joy and fervor.

A little research on  wedding   invitation  text would help you write your own text for the  invitation . Color and designing cards could be decided by visiting greeting stores and bridal accessories stores. If it’s going to be a formal  wedding  party, you can zoom in on cards with sober shades, however for an informal wild  wedding ,  invitation  cards could be chosen with vibrant colors.

Hope, you come with the best  wedding   invitation  on your  wedding . Good Luck.


21 Questions to Ask When Ordering Your Wedding Invitations


Letterpress, thermography, engraved, matte, jacquard, glassine…ordering invites will mean learning a few new vocabulary words. You’ll also need to learn about all the components that you might want to include in your invitation, as well as what other printed materials could be part of your wedding scenario. With so many details to consider, you’ll depend on a creative wedding invitation professional to clue you in on the jargon, and guide you in choosing invites that reflect your wedding style. After all, nothing sets the tone for an event like an impeccably designed wedding invitation.

Bring this list of must-ask questions to the stationery boutique or graphic designer you’re considering to ensure that no detail is left unaddressed (no pun intended).

Getting To Know Your Invitation Professional

1. How long have you been in business?

2. What is your design background? NOTE: This may or may not involve formal training. Remember, “good taste” isn’t necessarily something that can be taught!

3. What types of printing processes do you offer and which do you specialize in? Which do you recommend for my budget and style?

4. Is your printing done in-house or do you outsource the printing? NOTE: Printing is usually less expensive if it’s outsourced. However, a possible benefit of in-house printing is a quicker turnaround time, which could come in especially handy if any reprinting (say, due to an error) is required.

5. Do you offer custom invitations as well as templated styles? Is there a fee if I want to order a sample of either an existing invitation style or a custom design? If so, how much?

6. If I choose a custom wedding invitation, what are my options for color, paper type, ink and fonts? What is the word limit for the text?

7. Can I also order my table numbers, place cards, escort cards, ceremony programs, menus, etc. from you?

8. Do you offer a package or a discounted price if I order all of the invitation components at the same time?

9. If I want to include a picture or graphic on my save-the-date card or invitation, can you accommodate that? If so, does the image need to be saved in a specific format? Do you have photo retouching available, and if so, what is the price range? Can your photo specialist also convert color images to black & white or sepia? Is there an additional cost?

10. Are there any new styles, trends and color combinations I might consider? Which are the most popular? What kinds of handmade or artisanal paper do you offer? NOTE: The answers to these questions will give you a sense of how creative and up-to-the-minute your invitation professional is.

11. Can my invitations be printed on recycled paper and/or with soy-based ink?

12. Based on the paper I select and the number of pieces involved, what would it cost to mail my wedding invitation? NOTE: If you use a non-standard sized envelope, postage may be more expensive.

Getting Down To Business

13. Once I place my order, how long will it take to have the completed invitations delivered? Do you have rush-order available and what are the extra fees? If you are ordering from an online company, ask: What are the shipping methods available to me, and their respective costs?

14. If the invitation involves multiple pieces, can you assemble them? If so, is there an additional fee? How will the assembly affect my delivery date?

15. Do you offer an invitation addressing service? If so, what is the charge for this? What lettering style options are available? Will the lettering push back my delivery date?

16. When is payment due?

17. I will have an opportunity to sign off on my invitation proof before you send my order to print, right?

18. Once I’ve signed off on the proof, I expect the printed invitations to match the approved sample. If they don’t (i.e. an error was made after I signed off on the proof) will my invitations be corrected and reprinted at no additional cost? How much additional time will it take to redo my order if there is a problem with it?

19. What is your refund policy if for some reason I need to cancel my order?

20. When can I expect to receive my contract from you?

21. Can you provide me with the contact information of 3-4 recent brides who I can call or email for references?

Useful Tips:

  • Ordering your invitations over the phone increases the possibility of mistakes, so order in person if possible. If you order your invitations from an online company, make sure your contract states that they will correct mistakes they make for free.
  • Insist on getting a proof. Have at least two other people review all your proofs before you sign off on them-it’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes will see!
  • If ordering online, remember that color resolution can vary drastically between computers. The best way to guarantee the exact color you want is to ask that a sample be snail mailed to you.
  • Order 20-30 extra save-the-dates and/or invitations with envelopes in case you have to add to the guest list or you make a mistake when assembling or addressing the envelopes.
  • Save-the-date cards should be sent out 6-9 months prior to your wedding.
  • Invitations should be sent out 6-9 weeks prior to your wedding.
  • Consider working with one stationer or graphic designer for all of your printed materials. She’ll guide you in making sure all of the components convey a consistent design concept. Not that they have to be identical, but as Joyce Scardina Becker observes in Countdown to Your Perfect Wedding, “It’s like making a fashion statement: All of the accessories in your wardrobe should coordinate and fit together nicely.”
  • To Evite or not to Evite? For the main event, even we progressives at Here Comes The Guide come down on the side of tradition and say go with real paper and snail mail-even if your budget determines that you have to DIY. However, if your overall wedding style is relaxed and casual, then we think Evites are fine for the supporting events, such as your Bachelorette Party. We like Evite’s built-in RSVP system and creative style options.

Possible Printed Invitation Components

(Don’t panic…most of the extra elements are OPTIONAL!!)

  • Save-the-Date cards
  • Wedding Announcement
  • Wedding Invitation Components:
    • Outer Envelope
    • Optional Inner Envelope
    • Invitation
    • Reception Card, if held at a different location than the ceremony
    • Directions/Map
    • Response Card & SASE
  • Thank-You Cards
  • Shower Thank-You Cards
  • Other Invites:
    • Engagement Party
    • Shower
    • Bachelor/Bacherlorette Parties
    • Rehearsal Dinner
    • After Party
  • Wedding Program
  • Pew Cards
  • Place Cards
  • Table Cards
  • Menus
  • Napkins, matchbooks or labels for favors


DIY Wedding Invitation Kits Make Customization Easy


One of the easiest ways to save money on your  wedding  expenses is to use the DIY  wedding   invitation  kits. Apart from saving money and having your own favorite design choice there are several other advantages of using these kits. You can also choose from designs which match your wedding theme. Some of the advantages are given below.

When you use DIY kits you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the paper used. These kits make use of high quality paper with various kinds of special embellishments. The cost of each sheet of paper would be around $1-2 which is much less than the ready made ones which cost about $3-4 per piece. For high-end models you will have to spend about $5-10 or so.

You will be able to select from a wide range of printer friendly papers with various backgrounds which range from leaves and petals to metallic designs to lace and floral patterns. You can also get beautiful handmade paper from the DIY  wedding   invitation  kits. They are available in various decorative finishes as well. They make your  invitations  look gorgeous and sophisticated, just like the ready made ones, and at much cheaper rates.

To customize your personal  invitation  you can make use of different wording, fonts and  designs  which stand out and are completely different from the usual ones. You can also add information on various other occasions in a creative way to make the  wedding   invitation  cards more interesting and colorful.

When you make your decision and choose the materials, you can be assured of fast delivery and turnaround. There will be no mistakes because you would have thoroughly read the content and ensured that there are no printing errors at all. So you will not have to waste any time on reprints or misprints. Also, if you have ordered a lesser number and require more, you can quickly get them printed in no time.

While choosing the paper you need to be careful of a couple of things. Remember not to choose cheap and flimsy paper because it can be difficult to print on them. Use good materials and embellishments to add value to the  invitations . If you are not familiar with the different qualities of paper used, you can use the help of the salesperson to give you some guidance while choosing the materials. With the advent of consumer level printing technology, it has become very easy to make your own cards using DIY  wedding   invitation  kits. All you need is a little creativity to make your cards more interesting and stand out from others.


Create Your Own Wedding Invitation


You can create your own  wedding   invitation  with simple steps.

There are various expenses that go into designing a whole

wedding. This can be very costly for the bride, groom and their

parents. An individual can  design  a  wedding   invitation  that is

inexpensive, elegant and personal.

The wedding guests are family and friends of each member of the

party.They are usually close to everyone. It is vital to make

them feel wanted and give them a personal touch. There are

various methods to create your own  wedding   invitation .

You can use your personal computer to  design  and create elegant

and fancy  wedding   invitations  easily. There are programs

designed to make excellent pictures and fantastic fonts for the

wedding that you choose. If time is of the essences, you may

just  design  a fabulous  wedding   invitation  that will be sent out

to different individuals. However, if you have the time and the

desire to make each one special, that may be the best method.

They can be created on the computer then printed out on glassy

elegant paper. They can also be in the form of a scroll, if you

to go that route. If you feel that the computer may be still to

impersonal, you may choose to hand write the  invitations  with a

special type of pen for make the writing unique. There are

various methods in creating a mass amount of  invitations  or just

a few to suit your need.

The paper could be any color or style that you may decide upon.

Various printing paper or hand written style can be found at your

local department store. This method will show each member that you

were thinking about them.